Start your own embroidery business!

Did you know that now days starting an embroidery is one of the most profitable industries in the market! With the help of Meistergram you can start your own embroidery business for as little as $160/monthly with 0% interest rate! . This price includes the machine, training, on-board lettering, stand, hoops and customer support. We are committed to help you start your own embroidery business. 

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Single-head & multi-head embroidery machines

At Meistergram, we make it simple for you to purchase the best embroidery machine. We have single-head commercial embroidery machines, multi-head industrial embroidery machines as well as entry-level embroidery machines. Whether you are a beginner, enthusiast, entrepreneur or business owner, we have the perfect embroidery machine for you.

Find the perfect embroidery machine that fits your dreams!

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Meistergram is officially known as MacPherson. Established in 1933's and it's has been the leading provider in the embroidery industry  to families, small and big business with top quality professional embroidery equipment for over 80 years. ​Throughout the years, we have been known for the quality of our customer service and workmanship, innovative patents and the high grade of machines. 

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