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Question: What type of needles do you recommend for the Meistergram machines?

Answer: Our recommended brand is Schmetz, but any needle brand will work. The normal replacement needle is system DBXK5 in sharp or ballpoint. Ball point needles are designated SES for light ball points. 

Question: What type of hooks do you recommend?

Answer: Genuine Koban hooks are our preferred hook for Meistergram and most brands of embroidery machines. 



Question: How often to oil your rotary hook?

Answer: Rotary hooks should be oiled every 4 hours or twice a day while in use.



Question: How do I know if my timing is off?

Answer: When the rotary hook slips out of its position, the machine will begin to fail to lock the stitches resulting in loose stitches or failure to sew in general depending on how far off the timing has moved.



Question: What is 3D Puff Embroidery and how i can do it?

Answer: 3D Puff Embroidery is the process of using a sheet of foam and altering the digitizing by closing column ends and adding density in order to raise the layering of the embroidery. Follow our How-To Embroider 3D Puff.

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