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GEM 1502

  • Commercial Industrial

  • Tubular, flat and cap capable

  • 15.7"x 17.7" Sew Field per head 

  • Easy to use panel

  • On-board lettering

  • Max speed 1200 Stitches per minute

  • Hoops (different sizes)

  • Cap ring, cap driver, hoop station

  • Cap system 270 degrees 

Two Head Commercial Embroidery

1 unit available
Call for pricing!

Features and Specs

  • User friendly control panel with On-board help menu – defines keys and operation functions.

  • Optimal ergonomic operating height. (Eliminates hard to reach hoop placement and helps avoid physical strain)

  • Brass inserted tension knobs for smooth adjustment

  • USB port (supports .dst, .dsb, .zsk, and .fdr files)

  • Simple square tracing features.

  • 270-degree cap driver. embroider ear to ear in one cycle.

  • Independent adjustable presser foot height

  • Smooth and Quiet Operation compared to the competition

  • Onboard lettering system

  • Color program memory retention (Stores color sequence information for future use of design)

  • Flat goods table drops and serves as a work station while operating in tubular or cap modes.

  • Includes extra hoop for quick change and production continuity. (2x each hoop size, some exclusions apply.)

  • 2 Heads

  • Maximum sew area of 400mm(x) x 470mm(y) 

  • Maximum speed of 1000 stitches per minute

  • Memory storage capacity: 100 million stitches /800 designs capacity (1million stitches per design max)

  • Program up to 500 color changes per single file.

  • Multi-language includes English, Spanish, Portuguese, and more…

  • 110/230 Inter-changeable input

  • Built in replaceable protective fuses

  • Encoder controlled stepper motors for high precision and the best stitch quality every time. 

  • Heavy Duty A/C color change motor delivers smooth color changes

  • Panasonic Servo motor for the main drive system

  • On-board component testing functions for easy troubleshooting 

  • Industrial grade powder coat for maximum durability and corrosion resistance

  • High quality tensioners with brass plate inserts to give the smoothest pull of tension

  • Dimensions: 71.25” x 35.5” x 68.75” 

  • Weight: 880lb


How to setup your drop table on your Meistergram multi-head GEM 1502 commercial embroidery machine