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Embroidery Machine Sale

GEM 1502
$229 /Month

$299/ Month


Equal payment for

60 months with 

Approved credit.


for 60 months

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Let us help you get your business started with payments as low as $229 a month!

GEM-XL 1500

*0% financing available to qualified buyers

*Based on 60 months

Our Line Up

GEM 1500TC.png
GEM 1500TC
Starting at $249 /Month
GEM XL 1500_800.png
GEM 1500/800
Starting at $289 /Month
GEM XL 1500_1200.png
GEM 1500/1200
Starting at $303 /Month
GEM 1502TC.png
GEM 1502TC
Starting at $330 /Month
GEM 1504
Starting at $499 /Month
GEM 1506
Starting at $599 /Month
GEM 1508 PNG.png
GEM 1508
Starting at $699 /Month
GEM 1512
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Low Monthly Payments
& 0% Financing for Qualified Buyers

We understand that starting a business with high payments isn't the easiest thing to do.

That's why we offer 0% financing and low monthly payments.

0% interest means no money down and you'll only have to pay what the amount of the machine is!