GEM 1502

GEM 1502

15 Needle
Commercial Embroidery Machine

  • Commercial Industrial

  • Tubular, flat and cap capable

  • 15.7"x 17.7" Sew Field per head 

  • Easy to use panel

  • On-board lettering

  • Max speed 1200 Stitches per minute

  • Hoops (different sizes)

  • Cap ring, cap driver, hoop station

  • Cap system 270 degrees 



Features & Specs

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What's Included

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Ease of Use Aspects

  • User friendly control panel with On-board help menu – defines keys and operation functions.

  • Optimal ergonomic operating height. (Eliminates hard to reach hoop placement and helps avoid physical strain)

  • Brass inserted tension knobs for smooth adjustment

  • USB port (supports .dst, .dsb, .zsk, and .fdr files)

  • Simple square tracing features.

  • 270-degree cap driver. embroider ear to ear in one cycle.

  • Independent adjustable presser foot height

  • Smooth and Quiet Operation compared to the competition

  • Onboard lettering system

  • Color program memory retention (Stores color sequence information for future use of design)

  • Flat goods table drops and serves as a work station while operating in tubular or cap modes.

  • Includes extra hoop for quick change and production continuity. (2x each hoop size, some exclusions apply.)


Technical Specs

  • 2 Heads

  • Maximum sew area of 400mm(x) x 470mm(y) 

  • Maximum speed of 1000 stitches per minute

  • Memory storage capacity: 100 million stitches /800 designs capacity (1million stitches per design max)

  • Program up to 500 color changes per single file.

  • Multi-language includes English, Spanish, Portuguese, and more…..

  • 110/230 Inter-changeable input

  • Built in replaceable protective fuses

  • Encoder controlled stepper motors for high precision and the best stitch quality every time. 

  • Heavy Duty A/C color change motor delivers smooth color changes

  • Panasonic Servo motor for the main drive system

  • On-board component testing functions for easy troubleshooting 

  • Industrial grade powder coat for maximum durability and corrosion resistance

  • High quality tensioners with brass plate inserts to give the smoothest pull of tension

  • Dimensions: 71.25” x 35.5” x 68.75” 

  • Weight: 880lb




10” High resolution touchscreen display 

Built in oiling reservoir eliminates constant oiling

15 needles 

Deep Sew Body for specialty jobs

Built-In Laser Tracing Device for accuracy of framing

Automatic Trace

Automatic Trimming

Automatic Color change

Energy efficient sleep mode during idle

Push Stop Emergency System

Safety Beams to protect your hands and will pause your machine without losing a stitch if you reach into the sew field

Built-in diagnostic system makes trouble shooting a breeze

Easy install cap driver

Simple dual band cap frames

On-board lettering keyboard, 28 fonts w/editing tools

Upper and lower thread detection

Programmed Hoops

Includes Flat Table

Telescopic thread stand for ease of transportation and storage

Thread face clamping system for precise trimming 

Durable industrial bolt-on stand with heavy duty-quick locking casters and individual leveling bases

Overlapping sew fields

 Instructional Videos
"Stand Assembly"
"Bobbin Setup"
"Getting Started"
"Tubular Setup"
"Cap Setup"
"Flat Table Setup"
"Panel Operations"



Meistergram was established in 1933. We are leaders in the cut and sewing equipment industry, with reliable and trusted commercial products that withstand the test of time.



All Meistergram embroidery machines are designed and engineered from the ground up, by the most trusted and knowledgeable, USA based industry professionals.

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