PRO1506 - 6 Head

Our 6 head Meistergram is running great. Previously our small uniform shop was using only a single head Tajima and sending out most of our embroidery work. Now, with our 6 head, we are able to handle the load quite well.  We run the machine daily and it's doing very well. When we need help we call for support and receive whatever assistance is necessary.  In choosing a machine, we knew we needed more heads to work with and frankly speaking could not afford what we wanted. After going back and forth we decided upon the Meistergram. We are now able to produce everything we need and give instant service to our walk-in customers. The Meistergram is running very well and meeting our expectations. Thank you to everyone involved in helping us make this decision which has permitted us to upgrade our business to the level we expected.

Boca Raton, FL