About Us

Meistergram, established in 1933, is a leading provider in the embroidery industry with a full line of professional embroidery equipment.

Throughout the history of the embroidery industry Meistergram has been known for its quality of workmanship, innovative patents and extremely long lasting machines. Not surprisingly, there are many Meistergram machines that are still in operation after several decades.

Today's product line spans from single head, multi-purpose machines to 30 head flat bed machines.
Meistergram, officially known as McPhereson Meistergam Co., distributes it's products in the USA via it's three offices located at the corners of the country, Carlstadt, New Jersy; Miami, Florida an Los Angelos, California. 
The main technical facility for Meistergram is located in our Miami office which is also centrally located to both North and South America.

Meistergram products are distributed through reputable distributors located strategically around the world. Wherever you are, there's sure to be a source for Meistergram products.